School Age ( 5 Yrs. – 12 Yrs. )

montessori in Riverside

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montessori Riverside

preschool Corona

preschool Riverside

Riverside preschool

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montessori in Riverside

Corona preschool


 With our pick up and drop off program, we have the ability to pick up and drop off children to 8 nearby schools. Our facility’s hours are conveniently structured from 6:00 AM to 6:30 PM, so parents can drop off the children on their way to work and pick them up before 6:30 PM every school day!

All of our school’s vehicles are insured and driven by experienced school bus drivers who have a clean driving record.

Our Afternoon Program features :
1. Supervised care and homework help
2. Snack provided upon return from school
3. A computer lab to help students complete their homework
We pick up from these schools within the
Riverside School District :
1. Twinhill Elementary
2. Valley View Elementary
3. Liberty Elementary
4. Myra Lynn Elementary
5. Mc Auliffe Elementary
6. Collette Elementary
7. Rosemary Elementary
8. Stokoe Elementary

LIC No: 334818113