Riverside Location

A Structured Preschool Education

Are you looking for the best education for your child that utilizes the positive aspects of the Montessori Method? This is one of the most popular choices for education because it incorporates freedom for the teacher, structured time for the student, and the opportunity for the child to grow while exploring and discovering.

These principles are very important if you’ve ever met a 3-, 4-, or 5-year-old! These little minds are growing at a rapid pace. Our classrooms are designed and decorated to stimulate the minds and help them learn even while they are sitting and listening.
Our curriculum has math, science, language, writing, and social skill components. With indoor and outdoor areas, your child will be able to grow during sunshine and rain. We offer small classes with experienced teachers, so you can rest easy while your child is under our care.

Every Child Can Succeed

With a good education and a foundation in learning, every child can succeed! At least, that’s what we believe at Sierra Preschool. We would love to help your child start his or her journey to lifelong learning.

Our facility is safe and vibrant, and it has openings right now! Call us to schedule a tour with your child. We are confident that you will find Sierra Preschool an excellent option.