The right Montessori can make all the difference in the world. Today’s world is more chaotic, busy, and competitive than ever. A high-quality preschool isn’t just going to help your child develop at a young age; it will provide them with an advantage throughout the rest of their lives. At Academy on the Hills, we pride ourselves on being the best preschool in Riverside, utilizing the positive aspects of the Montessori Method and a structured preschool curriculum. What makes us unique? Here are a few of the benefits of enrolling with us.

Focused and Structured

We know that no two children are alike. We also know that means no two children learn exactly the same way. At Academy on the Hills, we provide a focused and structured curriculum tailored to every child’s individual needs. Even at a young age, children can be in very different places developmentally. We guarantee that we will treat every child individually and focus on helping them develop the abilities they need.


Our team-based curriculum ensures no child is ever left alone or without something to work on. By providing a team-based environment, we are able to more closely monitor every child’s behavior and needs and adjust their curriculum and education as necessary.

6 Month Assessments

Planning, education, and training are irrelevant if you don’t have anything to show for them. At Academy on the Hills, we provide six-month assessments for all of our students. During these assessments, we cover everything from peer-to-peer interactions to educational growth. By understanding every child’s needs, we are able to provide better service than any other Riverside preschool.

Age-Appropriate Goals

Every person needs a goal to work towards. Every child also needs a goal to work towards. No matter how small or large, we help establish goals for our students to ensure they feel motivated to succeed and the satisfaction of reaching a goal. Through our other teaching methods, we are able to help students come up with specific goals that are tailored to their unique developmental needs.