Here at the Academy on the Hills preschool in Corona, we know that the earlier a child’s education begins, the better off they’re going to be in school, social situations, and even in the workplace years down the road. There are a huge number of reasons why preschool is beneficial for every child, and even for parents!

Help through Terrible Twos

Ever hear of the “Terrible Twos”? The very mention can send parents running for deep cover! Preschool can help both child and parent through the tumultuous twos, threes, and even fours! Toddlers get a lot more socialization with other kids their age when they’re at preschool. Sure, Big Bird and the Bubble Guppies can teach them how to count to 12, but new learners really need hands on experience with other kids to learn how to share, take turns, and simply play nice.

Stimulation Beyond Cartoons

Now matter how hard you try, your toddler’s brain is like a sponge that never gets fully saturated! Preschool gives them constant stimulation beyond TV. Saturating these sponges with education stimuli like story time, painting, singing, coloring, and hands-on exploration is essential to a young child’s early education and will help them be excited about learning and look forward to school.

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